Frequently Asked Questions About Ur24T

The M-9 Male UCA is intended for intermittent use, functions with a medical aspirator, and the suction is nine (9) inches of mercury — adjust M-9 aspirator pressure to 230 mm Hg. The M-15 version is for critical evacuation (i.e. prostate enlargement) and is fifteen (15) inches of mercury. The F-15 Female UCA functions with a medical aspirator and the suction is fifteen (15) inches of mercury — adjust F-15 aspirator pressure to 390 mm Hg.
The Ur24T aspirator is a compact suction unit weighing only 3.37 lbs.
The Ur24T collection system has a built-in bacteria filter located in the unit's bottle assembly. It has a unique float valve that prevents backflow into the unit, avoiding urine to skin contact eliminating potential bacteria contamination.
Ur24T has a travel-friendly design that meets RTCA/ Do-160 Aircraft Standard for Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment so it won't interfere with planes' navigation systems.
The aspirator has an easy-to-read mmHg graph gauge, which helps patients and caregivers provide precise measurements of the vacuum.
Ur24T is recommended for a single user. After each use, apply suggested antibacterial spray.
Ur24T is recommended for a single user.
Yes. Ur24T™ is covered by Medicare and qualifies for reimbursement.