Introducing the #Uncatheter

An external catheter system comfortable for both men and women.

Ur24T – Our innovative solution to preventing CAUTIs (CAUTIs = Catheter-associated urinary tract infections.)

A safe and effective external urinary catheter for male and female use

Product Design

  • Non-invasive, non-adhesive, easy-to-apply
  • Male and Female versions for proper fit
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic
  • Leak-proof design
  • Avoids urine contact with skin

How Ur24T compares with other external catheters

Ur24TTM Pure­WickTM Stryker
Completely empties bladder
Use in males
Use in females
Avoids urine to skin contact
Latex-free Rubber Natural Latex
Non-adhesive application

Ur24T’s Product Line and Replacement Parts

Disposable UCA Device
Ur24T Urinary Collection Apparatus (external catheter).
FEMALE: Ur24T-F15 - Single Unit(s)
MALE: Ur24T-M9 (INTERMITTENT USE) - Single Unit(s)
MALE: Ur24T-M15 (CRITICAL EVACUATION) - Single Unit(s)
FEMALE: Ur24T-F15 Case
Tabletop Aspirator
AC-powered tabletop suction machine to be used with UCA.
Gomco Model 405
Gomco 405
Portable Aspirator
Portable high vacuum suction machine with rechargeable battery to be used with UCA. For use only with the M9 UCA device.
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
# 7314P-D-UR24
Stationary Aspirator
AC-powered suction machine to be used with UCA. For use only with F15, M9, and M15 devices.
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
# 18600
Vacu-Aide® Compact Suction Unit
Portable compact suction machine with 725 cc reusable bottle, tubing, elbow and AC & DC power cords to be used with UCA. For use with only F15 and M15 UCA devices.
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
# 7310PR-D
Disposable Container
Disposable suction canister to be used with UCA and aspirator.
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
# 7314D-603 - Single Unit(s)
# 7314D-603 Case
Reusable Container
Reusable 1200 cc collection canister with Lid to be used with UCA and aspirator
# DV7305D601 - Single Unit(s)
# DV7305D601 Case
Antibacterial Spray
Simple spray application designed to clean and sanitize UCA.
# 1399-02-UR - Single Unit(s)
# 1399-02-UR Case