Ur24T, Comfort, Ease and Dignity

An external catheter system comfortable for both men and women.

Ur24T – Our innovative solution to preventing CAUTIs (CAUTIs = Catheter-associated urinary tract infections.)

A safe and effective external urinary catheter for male and female use

Product Design

  • Non-invasive, non-adhesive, easy-to-apply
  • Male and Female versions for proper fit
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic
  • Leak-proof design
  • Avoids urine contact with skin

How Ur24T compares with other external catheters

Ur24TTM Pure­WickTM Stryker
Completely empties bladder
Use in males
Use in females
Avoids urine to skin contact
Latex-free Rubber Natural Latex
Non-adhesive application

Ur24T’s Product Line and Replacement Parts

UCA Device
Ur24T Urinary Collection Apparatus (external catheter).
Vacu-Aide® Compact Suction Unit
Portable compact suction machine with 725 cc reusable bottle, tubing, elbow and AC & DC power cords to be used with UCA. For use with only F15 and M15 UCA devices.
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
# 7310PR-D
Portable Aspirator
Portable high vacuum suction machine with rechargeable battery to be used with UCA. For use only with the M9 UCA device.
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
# 7314P-D-UR24
Stationary Aspirator
AC-powered suction machine to be used with UCA. For use only with F15, M9, and M15 devices.
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
# 18600
Disposable Container
Disposable suction canister to be used with UCA and aspirator.
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
# 7314D-603
Antibacterial Spray
Simple spray application designed to clean and sanitize UCA.
# 1399-02-UR