Our Team

Victoria Suarez

Chief Information Officer

Victoria Suarez joined Ur24T in 2016 after relocating to Orange County from Rochester, NY, where she held a position as general manager for a national retail pharmacy chain. Her role as CIO has charged her with making key decisions related to how the company uses and improves its resources to support business activities. She also plays an important role in aligning information and technology with overall company goals. Ms. Suarez makes key decisions regarding building and managing the company, negotiates with vendors, and suppliers and works across department and business lines.

As CIO, she sets budgets and enforces them to meet the company’s financial goals while enacting plans as developed by the executive team. Ms. Suarez holds a Master’s Degree in clinical research from Cornell University and a BS in business from Penn State University.

Poppy Farsijani

Media, Marketing, Compliance, and Regulatory Senior Executive

Poppy Farsijani is an experienced founder and entrepreneur with a knack for communication and creative problem solving. As the media and marketing lead for Ur24T, she brings a unique perspective because of having worked in the broadcast media industry as a reporter, evening news anchor, producer, and talk show host for various news channels including CBS and Radio BBC. After receiving her MBA from Pepperdine University, she launched her natural oil perfume company, Poppy Farsijani Fragrance, in retail outlets across the United States.

A NYC native, Ms. Farsijani loves people and creating things and is the author of "Shaming My Red Lips", her memoir on female empowerment that describes her journey as a reporter in the Middle East.